Meet the Owners

Construction and Gratitude to the Community

Two years of construction and starting a business is a lot of fun! We are excited to meet you. It took a big investment and a lot of work from us and the community to make this happen.

Courtney was born and raised in Vermillion. Her grandparents, Raymond and Frances Moore, owned the Coyote Motel on the corner of Dakota and Cherry Streets. She grew up loving hospitality and always wanted to run a Bed & Breakfast. Carson has grown to love Vermillion ever since he attended the University of South Dakota for his MBA.

Carson and Courtney did not complete this project alone. They had the support of multiple community members. The first person to join the project was Sandra Dickenson, a family friend and accomplished architect. AMS, Ray Lewis, Spaan's Landscaping, Viejo's masonry, RS Plumbing, Direct Technologies, Dave Glanchow, Mathias Stucky, Patrick Bunkers, Nate Risty, Mathew Jeschke, and our neighbors Brent Matter, Josh Westhause, and Eric Harstaad all had important roles in the renovation.

The City of Vermillion was very supportive and helped us get the permits we needed to make this work.

Thank you Vermillion!
-Carson and Courtney Merkwan

The Renovation had highs and lows. But we are glad we did it.
Here is a few videos and photos of that process if that is something you enjoy.

The Vermillion Community Involvement

The community of Vermillion has been supportive and showed us nothing but encouragement throughout the renovation.

The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce.

Ribbon Cutting

Brick Award at the Annual Banquet

The Rotary Club Preservation Award

Sponsorship of the Vermillion Youth Wrestling Program

Sponsorship of the Vermillion School's Fun Run

City Council passing variances and approving our business